Dissabte 18 de febrer de 2018 varem tornar a fer la tradicional caminada en record d'en Toni Caminal. En Joan Claudi ens relata l'aventura....

Després de gairebé dos mesos d'encetar l'any 2018, li va tocar a en Jesús Platas de fer el seu primer vol en solitari: la"suelta". 

If you want to feel a real flight experience, now you can. the initiation flight is an aerial walk with an instructor. The tug plane release the glider at 500 m, and then flying free, in silence.


Welcome to Club de Vol a Vela d'Igualada-Òdena

In this web site you can know what is gliding (or soaring), who we are and where we are.

If you want to know what is gliding, you just have to go one weekend to Igualada-Òdena airfield and do an initiation flight in one of our two seater gliders.


If you need any information you can contact us. 

We welcome you to come and visit us!